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About Zennna

The function of hairdressing scissors is to "cut". All scissors handled by our company undergo meticulous inspection by a skilled sharpener, and we carefully sharpen the scissors, which is the -魂- spirit of the scissors. We are committed to using high-quality materials that bring out various properties such as toughness and wear resistance, which are necessary for obtaining sharp scissors. We are dedicated to using only the highest quality special steel and carefully selected materials in the production and sharpening process, so please enjoy our lineup of scissors that have been thoroughly crafted with utmost dedication.


We believe that creating a beautiful and functional -ひねり- twist is the essence of making high-quality scissors. While modern technology has brought about machines with incredible precision that even artisans find impressive, there has been a decreasing trend in handcrafted work. However, we believe that scissors crafted by hand possess an intangible "beauty" and a soul that cannot be expressed in numbers. Moreover, by adding a twist to the tip of the blade that is difficult to achieve with machines, our carefully crafted scissors become "authentic" and of high quality.


No matter how skilled our sharpeners are at creating the sharpest edges, a scissor with an inaccurate -反り- warp" cannot cut hair beautifully. Scissors that are crafted with poor techniques may suffer from poor warp adjustment, causing them to nip or wear easily, lose their edge, or not cut well at the tips. Our scissors are carefully adjusted to the finest degree of precision, in increments of less than a millimeter. We have absolute confidence that our scissors are of the highest quality, designed for barbers and hairdressers to use in perfect condition for a long time, rather than simply being sharp.


The quality of -鋼材- steel is crucial in the production of high-quality scissors, including sharpness, cutting feel, and wear resistance. After careful consideration of various types of steel, we have selected the best steel for our scissors, including Super Gold, Cobalt Special, and Cobalt Alloy (V10). We take pride in crafting scissors from steel that is most suitable for daily use by barbers and hairdressers, ensuring ease of use and long-term use. We believe that scissors made with the optimal steel for these professionals represent the ultimate standard in scissors.


The -研ぎ- sharpening process is where the craftsmanship of the sharpener is particularly evident. The delicate sharpening of hairdressing and barber scissors, which requires a precision of 0.01 millimeters, cannot be achieved overnight. Poor sharpening can ruin the quality of the craftsmanship and the inherent goodness of the steel. All scissors handled by our company are delivered to customers in the best condition sharpened by the skilled sharpener. To ensure that our products are used for a long time, we recommend sharpening them twice a year after purchase.

If you feel even a slight discomfort in the sharpness of your scissors, please feel free to contact us.

Zenna Scissors

What we achieved is a high quality hair scissors.
Our scissors is made in JAPAN by a expertised craftsman. We guarantee a beautiful sharpness. Just experience the acme of hair scissors with ZennaScissors.